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  • XBLIG Review - Hedge Wizard XBLIG Review - Hedge Wizard

    One of the things that makes XBLIG such a great platform for new games is the level of innovation and creativity that comes from the developers. Unrestricted by the demands of a large studio, individual developers are able to take risks and try new things. Hedge Wizard, from Zombie Bonsai, is exactly one of those games that simply never would have come into existence in a conventional games market.


  • XBLIG Review - Blocks That Matter XBLIG Review - Blocks That Matter

    Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could play two of the worlds most legendary games simultaneously? What? No? You've never felt the need to play Super Mario Bros alongside Tetris? Fortunately even if you've never had this particular desire, you are now able to experience the full delights of this fusion.

    Blocks That Matter is the first XBLIG game from indie studio Swing Swing Submarine.


  • WP7 Review - Lushington Springs WP7 Review - Lushington Springs

    Breaking slightly with tradition today I'm going to review a game for Windows Phone 7.

    Lushington Springs is a tower defence game. I've played a lot of tower defence games, and I can tell you right now that it takes a lot to make me happy with this class of game. You can't just stick any old static construction warfare game in front of me and expect me to like it. It has to be something special. I've seen too many to simply be impressed be the game mechanics anymore. Tower defence games are old hat. I need something new. Lushington Springs gets everything, absolutely without question, perfectly spot on, and even comes up with a few nice new touches to what is classically a pretty repetitive genre.


  • XBLIG Review - Miner Dig Deep XBLIG Review - Miner Dig Deep

    Miner Dig Deep has sat close to the top of the XBLIG charts for quite a long time now, and I've never really been attracted to it. It's mining I kept thinking, what can be so interesting about mining. Well I finally decided to check it out and I can tell you that as it turns out, mining is quite fun.


  • XBLIG Review - The Most Addicting Sheep Game XBLIG Review - The Most Addicting Sheep Game

    This is going to be a short review, because this is a simple game. You tap the buttons in time to the beat to get your sheep to the end of the level. That's it. Simple doesn't mean dull though. This game is awesome.


  • XBLIG Review - Dirchie Kart XBLIG Review - Dirchie Kart

    Someone on the team that made Dirchie Kart has an unusual sense of humour. In the opening sequence to the game they define the word "Dirchie" as "the word you use when you can't think of the real name". Don't worry though, you don't need unusual humour to enjoy this slightly quirky kart racer, you just need to tie a long pink balloon around your head and go with the flow.


  • XBLIG Review - Square Off XBLIG Review - Square Off

    Dual stick shooters. I genuinely thought that I'd had enough their thumb twirling shootiness. I've played at least a dozen of them and I presumed that it was a genre that had been well and truly flogged to death along with tower defence games. It turns out I was wrong. It turns out that there is one more dual stick shooter that deserves a mention.


  • XBLIG Review - Rotor XBLIG Review - Rotor

    I taught my 6 year old nephew a new phrase this week.
     "Xbox Live Indie Games" It means "Really cool little games made by awesome programmers in their bedrooms". Not a perfect definition perhaps but he's 6, give it a few years and I'll explain about publishers and distribution networks.
     "Like you?" he asked
     "Perhaps one day I'll make one, but I'm not awesome enough yet"
     "Oh yeah," he replied "I forgot that bit", seemingly unaware of his put down.

    After the revelation of new words to the mind of a 6 year old, particularly ones involving "XBox" and "Games", he was eager for an example. Being a typical 6 year old boy he is a big fan of all things aerial so I had preselected a recently released game from pocket starship called Rotor.


  • XBLIG Review - Fluid XBLIG Review - Fluid

    Fluid is an XBox Live Indie Game from regular XBLIG development team Radiangames. It's been a busy year for Radiangames. Since being founded in March Fluid was their 4th game, and was closely followed by 2 more to bring their total to 6 games in 2010 with another set for release by the end of January 2011.